The Unknown – Part 7

When Brandi finally came home she was cold and empty inside. The walk had been good for her mind, and her thoughts weren’t all over the place anymore.
Worse was the feeling of jealousy, she wasn’t a jealous person in general but today had been a rollercoaster with all sorts of ugly thoughts.
She thought about how positive she always had been while growing up, and she knew she needed to get back to that state of mind. It was a state of mind she had lost after she fell in love with Skip.

She didn’t want any food even though there were plenty of left overs in the fridge.
She sat by her computer, looking for Cassandra Goths relationship status on Facebook. “In a relationship” it said, but not who with. Skip wasn’t on Facebook so that might be why. It definitely had to be why.
She went on Sims 3 and started to build a house. It was the only thing she could bear to do right now. Stress relief.

When the doorbell rang she jumped. Her first thought was that Skip was outside, so her heart was razing as she went to open.

It was Susie. Alone and smiling.

– Skip called me earlier today! Susie was excited as she came inside, and Brandi couldn’t remember seeing her like that at all before. – He told me you two talked last night. What happened?
– He told you? Brandi blushed. A million thoughts raced thru her head. If he told Susie, how could he have a relationship with Cassandra?
– He… ehm, we… He sort of apologized!
She couldn’t help but giggle. It was not like Skip to call Susie, the past years they hadn’t been close at all.

Susie laughed. – I’m so glad he called me. I’ve really missed him you know, he was my closest friend and he will always be more of a brother to me than Trigger ever will.

– And what did he say to you? Brandi stared at her, impatient.

Susie ignored her question.
– I want to show you something, but we need to take a drive. Can you come?
– Okay, Brandi said slowly. – Where are we going?
– I’ll tell you when we get there.

After only 5 minutes in the car Susie pulled up in front of a new house just outside the woods. The house looked unfinished, and a truck and a motorcycle were parked outside.

– Where are we? Brandi was a little annoyed now that Susie wouldn’t say where they were going.

They both stepped out of the car into the cold snow.

Susie looked at her. – Skip is building this house for himself. It’s what he does in his spare time.
– What? Brandi’s eyes widened. – This is Skip’s house?
– Yeah, and luckily he’s here now… Susie walked towards the door.

Brandi followed. She didn’t want to because she wasn’t ready to see him, but she realized it was ridiculous to refuse and be standing there outside in the snow.

– Hey! Skip sounded surprised, like he really didn’t expect any of them.

Susie spoke with a strange high pitch in her voice. – I saw you’ve got your truck here?
– Yeah? Skip looked at her.
– So you’re okay with driving Brandi back to her house later then, I need to go and you two really need to talk! Susie sounded angry and she stared at Skip who just looked shocked. She turned her back to them both and walked away. – Talk to you later guys, she said without even looking back at them.

– Hey! Brandi could feel her face turning purple from embarrassment as Susie fled out the door, leaving her there with Skip. – Crap…
– What was that all about? He asked her. – Is everything okay?
– I didn’t know she was gonna do that, she sighed. – I didn’t even know we were coming here, to your place.

– I don’t get her anymore, Skip sounded sad for a second. – Haven’t for many years.

– Ehm, she told me you spoke on the phone today. Brandi said. – Did you argue or something?
– Nope. He answered so quickly Brandi was almost sure that he lied. Her heart sunk in her chest.

– You know, he continued. – Susie doesn’t always remember that other people can take care of themselves. Sometimes she thinks she knows what’s best for me just because I didn’t go to school like you guys.
– Oh, Brandi looked to the floor.

– But let me tell you, school isn’t everything. I have my own business and I’m even building my own home. No one ever helped me. Both my parents are gone now and these past years have been hard for me and Ruby, but we are strong and always have been.

– I know, Brandi whispered. She felt guilty too for sometimes feeling sorry for him before. After all, he was the strongest person she had ever known.
She had always thought that their different upbringing could be an issue for him, but maybe it had been more of an issue for her and her so-called educated friends?

– This house looks amazing… She carefully said. – When will it be finished?
– During this summer.

– This is where the bedrooms will be. He showed her to the back of the house.

– Over here is the kitchen.
– I really like it, Brandi said as they stood looking into what would be the kitchen. She already knew this house would have so much more personality than her own house.
This house wasn’t too big, and its angles, windows and light would make it cozy and special.

– You do? He stopped talking and she didn’t know what to say next because of the tension between them.

He turned towards her and all she could think about was how she wanted to spend the rest of her life here with him.
And Cassandra Goth.
– Tell me something, he said. – And please be honest…
– Of course.
– Are you okey with last night? We went kinda fast… He tried to catch her eye.

This was her golden opportunity to bring up Cassandra. Unpleasant as it was, it had to be now. At the same time she was baffled that a guy could be so sensitive to her feelings or body language or whatever it was that he’d picked up on.

– I… it’s just… eh, I mean, I heard that… that you have a girlfriend.
It hurt deeply to say the word girlfriend. She couldn’t look at him as she said it.

– Yeah sorry, but I ended it this morning.

Brandi bit her lips. Shit.

– Is that why you came here? He moved closer.
– No! Brandi tried to stay calm. – I mean, I didn’t even know Susie was taking me here until she parked outside. And then I didn’t want to come inside.
– So you didn’t want to see me?

Brandi couldn’t answer. Of course she wanted to see him. But he could hurt her like no one else. It felt safer to stay away than to step into the unknown.

Skip Broke. Her great unknown. Her love for life.

– Listen… He lowered his voice. – I had no idea what to expect yesterday coming to the party. To me we were finished when you left for college. But meeting you again made me realize how special you are to me, as I told you last night I love you. And I mean it. So of course I broke it off with Cassandra as soon as I could. It doesn’t matter if you want me or not, all I know is that you are the one I really love.

Brandi was shaking. His words were the most beautiful words she’d ever heard. And he was so calm. Not nervous at all, just determined and honest.

He silently looked at her, waiting for her to respond.
At this moment she was too happy to speak, so she leaned in to kiss him instead.

He then embraced her, holding her tight like he never again wanted to let go of her.

– I want us to stay like this for ever, Brandi finally whispered. – Can we?

Skip smiled, she heard it on his voice. – Yeah we can.



Hurray!! I finally finished it. Just took me 3 years and 4 months!! Been distracted by life a lot and Sims 4 a little. Still love Sims 3 much more than Sims 4 though. I’m not leaving this game yet, that’s for sure. Thanks for reading.


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