The Unknown – Part 5

Party. Juice and bubbles, music and laughter. Getting to know each other, arguing even. In the beginning Brandi was a little stressed. She felt she had to keep everyone happy, but as more people arrived she had to give it … Continue reading

The Unknown – Part 4

The last part of this story was written in such a hurry because I’d been away for so long (and the pictures were taken half a year earlier) and I feel it’s suffering for it. So even though it’s summer … Continue reading

The Diamant family 3

A long time ago I posted about the Diamant family. I’ve hardly played this year, but now I hope it will be better and I’ve even bought an Alienware so I can have both Sims 3 and 4 installed. Don’t … Continue reading

The Dreamer family 2

Just before their second grandson was born, Darleen died suddenly and left Darren a widower. Darren was devastated and started painting a series of paintings of his beloved wife that he at first only kept in his room. Bethany and Mark … Continue reading

The Goth family 2

The unexpected and late arrival of Bella and Mortimers second son Roland was inconvenient for Mortimer who worked long hours at their busy library. But Bella was always at her best with this baby even though she was 42 and … Continue reading

The Lothario family 2 and Pleasant family 3

The McDermott/Pleasant horse ranch had been renovated and had become the most successful ranch on Split Island. Maximus McDermott’s son Travis had used Mary-Sue’s money to renovate the ranch and buy and train horses, and the past two years had been busy … Continue reading

The Unknown – Part 1

Hi! Haven’t been simming for a while due to life, but I miss it a great deal and will just have to force myself to be more “playful”. This is a sort of story about sims already mentioned in this blog. … Continue reading